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The Battle of the Scheldt

Canada made many important contributions to help the Allies to victory in the Second World War. One of the most important –and most difficult- was the bloody Battle of the Scheldt which raged in Belgium and the Netherlands in the fall of 1944.


First Attacks and the Battle of the Scheldt

Mr. MacDougall remembers the first attacks that he was involved in and the lasting friendships that were developed on the front lines. He explains the role that the Calgary Highlanders played in the Battle of the Scheldt and recalls the Germans flooding the dikes at the Port of Antwerp. He recalls the terrible living conditions and how poor the Dutch people were during those years.

Incessant Bombing

Mr. Husbands describes how his communications post near Antwerp was under constant German artillery attack, and how lucky he felt that they never received a direct hit.

V2 Bomb Attacks

Ms. Sloan describes the devastation in Antwerp when V2 bombs hit the city.

Secret Weapon

Mr. Ducharme talks about a secret weapon they used in Belgium.

Dog Fight with Another Spitfire!

Mr. Fox describes his only real dogfight

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