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Canadian Armed Forces


Hit by a Suicide Bomber

While on duty, Major Feyko provides details of the attack where he and his fellow comrades were injured and the personal impact of the wounds he incurred and the care he received.

An Ambush Never Forgotten

Mr. McCue shares a very personal and heart wrenching story of witnessing the ambush that killed his fellow comrade, Nichola Goddard.

A Devastating Event on Duty

Ms. Dupuis shares an emotional experience while on patrol where two of her comrades are killed.

Stricken with PTSD

Mr. Villeneuve openly shares his personal experiences with his illness and the effect it has had on himself and his family

The Common Bond as Canadian

Although not directly working with the soldiers in the field, Ms. MacDonald expresses the awareness of their presence within the same compound.

Guarding the PTT Building

Mr. Ott shares a heart-wrenching experience he had while on guard duty and how the guilt and responsibility remains with him today.

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