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The Second World War


Camps in Germany

Mr. Colbourne talks about guarding a camp in Germany and how difficult it was to see how the people had been treated.

I’m still living

Mr. Parsons describes landing his truck at Normandy and seeing fellow soldiers dead on the beach.

Red Beach an Appropriate Name!

As many wounded and dead lay on the beach, Mr. Hart expresses the sights he witnessed in this bloody battle.

Celebrating Christmas as a POW

Mr. Coles share the story of how the prisoner never went without celebrating Christmas, albeit in their own unique way.

Dieppe was a Bad Place

Being in the tank, Mr. Stanley shares his experiences during the Dieppe Raid, showing empathy for the infantrymen who did not have the same protection.

Scary Moments in Flight

Mr. Muir describes the dangers and emotions involved with bombing runs.

Bombed Off Her Bicycle

Ms. Carter describes attempting to reach her hospital during a bombing raid on Coventry, England. She is thrown from her bicycle by a nearby exploding bomb.

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