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The Dieppe Raid


Medal of Bravery

Mr. Hart shares a very proud moment where he earned the Military Medal for Bravery due to his actions that would save the lives of hundred of troops.

Tied and Chained for 13 Months

Mr. Cole recalls that for a long time, prisoners were tied and chained within the camp.

Surrendered and Captured

Mr. Stanley recalls his days as a POW.

Lost so Many Friends so Quickly

Mr. Ryan makes the comparison of landing on Dieppe to being surrounded by 100 of your buddies only to be left standing alone 2 minutes later.

Air Cover at Dieppe

Mr. Warren discusses the air battle over Dieppe, and the deterrent effect of Allied fighters. He goes on to cite the number of aircraft lost, and explains the discrepancy between claimed and verified German losses on that day.

Royal Regiment Honoured at Dieppe

Mr. Walsh discusses why the Royal Regiment of Canada, with two other regiments, was selected to clear Dieppe based on the fact that it was decimated during the original Dieppe raid.

Witnessing an Absolute Massacre

Mr. Poolton speaks about the battle of Dieppe - snipers shooting, men on fire and orders given to surrender!

Wounded on Green Beach

Colonel Merritt was wounded as his troops were evacuating Green Beach. He recalls the activity.

Carnage and Courage

At 11 o’clock in the morning, the Royal Navy ship, from which Mr. Grand was observing the carnage on the beach, lay three miles off-shore. Orders were received to proceed to the beach with instructions to “use everything”. Mr. Grand tells of the events that followed and the remarkable courage of three British Navy men who saved the lives of those on board.

Memories of Dieppe

Mr. Robinson remembers his involvement in England during and after the Dieppe raid.

In the Water for 8 Hours

Mr. Curry explains his withdrawal from the position on the beach, eight hours in the water and his capture by the Germans.

Second Wave At Dieppe

Mr. Toney describes his landing at Dieppe where he witnessed much death and suffering and high casualties in his section’s first action once the beachhead had been secured..

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