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William Alfred Cannon
November 7, 1920 - February 1945

This poem is submitted by Jim F. Doyle of Head Office in Charlottetown. His uncle was killed in action in Holland in February 1945. Jim's mother has written a poem capturing the memory of her brother's death. Mrs. Doyle is 80 years old and is a renown poet, locally, in her community on P.E.I. This is a beautiful poem written from the heart. I know you will enjoy it.

He was a young country guy, working with his Dad,
Who had failing eyesight, which made our Willie sad;
I saw him walk before the plough at the age of eight,
To guide his Daddy's horses, so the furrow would be straight.

How he loved Mount Mellick and all the folks within,
When he left our home for battle,
Tears replaced this young man's friendly grin
Our pastor brought the message
"Killed in Action" was how it read,
Dear Lord, "Please be with us"
was what our mother said.

In Holland, he met a girl,
and he regarded her as the Best,
Mom was first to tell her,
"Willie has gone to rest".

Now we see pictures of his grave,
with flowers so bright,
Thanks to the people of Holland,
the Cemetery is a pleasing sight.

Mary Cannon Doyle
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