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Training a Bit Daunting!

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Training a Bit Daunting!

It was quite exciting when I got the letter saying yes, you know, sort of reporting to Cornwallis and arriving there it was pretty daunting because it was pretty uncharted territory, different people. It was different everything and the experiences there, like basic training, it's hard but I think, looking back we make it as hard as it actually is, cause we think the worst and all the little things that you have to do, kit marking all your kit and stuff sewing all that stuff in and making your beds perfectly, you know, the discipline, getting used to being yelled at. My first posting out in Masset in the Queen Charlotte Islands was great. The work wasn't great just the hours doing shift work but the fun stuff of fishing and I also got involved in ground search and rescue, which was, you know, I guess an uplifting experience. You're actually doing something to try and help somebody else. Being posted to Kingston was really good because it was a change from the work that I was doing previously. I was basically copying Morse code and coming to Kingston learning a lot about electronic warfare and sort of doing work with direction finding, learning how to use the equipment for jamming frequencies to stop people using that frequency in a war setting, a training setting. It was great.

Ms. Berkshire speaks about her excitement about joining the Forces.

Sara Berkshire

Ms. Sara Berkshire was born August 5, 1964 in Comox, British Columbia. Growing up in a military family, Sara was very interested in serving her country, wanting to make it her number one goal in life! To begin her military career, Sara briefly joined Cadets. Later on, she enlisted with the Army as a Communication Researcher holding rank of Corporal. As well as serving In-Canada, Sara served on missions to Kabul, Afghanistan. After being medically discharged in 2008, Sara left the Canadian Forces after 17 years service. Sara now resides in Kingston, Ontario.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 10, 2009
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Sara Berkshire
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Canadian Armed Forces
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