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Sewing machine repairman

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Sewing machine repairman

Well, we started out at about 7:00 or 7:30 in the morning and by the time we marched down to the shipyards from the Camp 5D, I guess the march was about a half hour to... something like that. We never got back till about six thirty, quarter to seven, something like that we got back to camp so you're figuring pretty on well twelve hours. Finally because of my eyes they wouldn't let me go back to the shipyard again and the last stretch of time we were in the shipyard, they put me out, they put a call in for someone that could fix Singer sewing machines and so I put my hand up. I said, I can fix Singer... I never seen a Singer, well you know my mother had one I guess. So what they did, they would take me around and you'd have to repair, we had to sew these Japanese uniforms, that was the other thing, you know, we had no clothes of our own so Japanese uniforms, they came up to here. You had to extend the legs, we had to extend the sleeves on the jackets and all this sort of thing. So every camp had somebody that could sew so they could repair the holes and patches and so on and somebody that could put a sole on your shoe or make a shoe that would fit, good enough so that you could go to work and that sort of thing. SO anyway, I had a couple of guards and they took me around to some of these other camps and get me to look at, get me to look at their sewing machine to make sure they were working or whatever....

Mr. Agerbak talks about being a repairman for Singer sewing machine while in camp.

Borge Agerbak

Borge Agerbak was born in Odense, Denmark and immigrated to Canada with his family in 1927 to a small town in southern Manitoba called Pilot Mound. Mr. Agerback worked on the farm until war broke out in 1939. Along with his two brothers, he decided to join the Winnipeg Grenadiers.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
July 17, 2013
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Borge Agerbak
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Second World War
Hong Kong

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