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An Uninformed Intelligence Officer

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An Uninformed Intelligence Officer

I was a so-called intelligence officer. I didn't know anything that was going on. All I remember was being called to a meeting, oh, Hong Kong time, the war started the morning of December the 8th and in this part of the world it was the afternoon of the 7th. I think it was only about two days before that that as the intelligence officer of the Grenadiers I got called to Command Headquarters to a meeting, and we were given a briefing which was very, very inadequate and, you know, mentioned that there were possibilities of troop movements and so on but there wasn't really anything that you could put your finger on. It wasn't until that Sunday evening I guess and we had had one, we had had one exercise where we had gone to man the positions that were our agreed positions as and when an invasion occurred. So we were familiar with that much at least where we had to go. And it wasn't until, my recollection is, Sunday afternoon or evening that we were told that the situation looked threatening and that we would leave for our positions which we did and just a few people were left at the barracks and they were bombed.

Mr. Golden, as an Intelligence Officer, describes having received no information about the enemy's movements or intentions until one day prior to their attack.

David Golden

The third of four children, David Sinclair was born on February 22, 1920 in Sinclair, Manitoba. His father, an insurance salesman, moved the family to Vancouver, returning to Winnipeg when Mr. Golden was ten years old. In his third year at the University of Manitoba, he joined the Canadian Officer Training Corps. Mr. Golden missed his University graduation due to a May, 1941 call up by the Winnipeg Grenadiers. As a 2nd Lieutenant he served with the Grenadiers in Jamaica. After returning to Canada he was assigned as an intelligence officer to the Royal Rifles, with whom he went to Hong Kong. Mr. Golden was imprisoned in Hong Kong for the entire war. After returning to Canada, he practiced law.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
June 30, 1998
Person Interviewed:
David Golden
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Winnipeg Grenadiers
Intelligence officer

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