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Anti-Fascist Reprisal

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Anti-Fascist Reprisal

And we were going through one of the big squares, I can't, piazzas, I don't know which one when all of a sudden we were seized almost by some Italians and taken over to where there was a crowd of Italians and we were pushed right into the front row of that group and lying on the ground, on the concrete, not the concrete but whatever it was of the ground, was a man, Italian. And when we got there they were undressing his top and guess what they did, they took out his heart while he was alive. That was a fascist they were doing that to but they were the people that were non-fascist and they wanted us to see them getting their revenge, I suppose. And we nearly died when they finally let us go, we got back to the hotel and I think that the officers thought, the medical officers thought that something happened to us, something terrible like we'd been raped, and they got us a drink and sat us down and then they heard our story and of course if there hadn't of been two of us they wouldn't have believed it.

Ms. Carter describes how, in Rome, she and a friend are forced by an anti-fascist mob to witness the killing of a fascist, whose heart is torn out while he is still alive.

Doris Carter

Doris Carter was born in Birkenhead, England on June 9, 1910. Her family emigrated to Woodstock, New Brunswick and in 1932 she enrolled in Nursing at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. Ms. Carter graduated in 1935, and was recruited to a wartime surgical team, prior to the war's onset. On November 30, 1940 she went overseas with #1 Military Hospital to nurse civilians injured in the bombings of Coventry and Birmingham. Ms. Carter was then sent to the Mediterranean with #5 Military Hospital. She served in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Northwestern Europe. After the war, Ms. Carter pursued a career in Public Health Nursing.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
March 8, 1998
Person Interviewed:
Doris Carter
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps

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