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Escorting Convoys

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My role had been to escort convoys through Afghanistan to the different outposts where the military was stationed and in doing that I got to see a lot of the country, a lot of the pitted highways that had been bombed and so forth and not necessarily interacting but coming across a lot of the communities, the different villages and so forth that we had to pass through. We seen a lot of Afghans and carrying on, going about their business doing as best they could to bring back a sense of normalcy once again to a war torn country. I think the most nerve wracking experience though with respect to that is that the enemy that we were facing and still are, were largely camouflaged far better than I could ever be dressing up as typical locals and so forth so you had to have your guard up to such an extent that anybody just walking by you could potentially be that Taliban or whatever enemy that we had to face at that time that might just come up and attack us. You would never know until it actually happened. They were disguised that well. So there was a lot more stress with respect to Afghanistan and having to come to terms with that and to be that vigilant with respect to having to be able to react properly and keep everybody safe let alone the rest of the locals that would be around.

Mr. Roberts describes the responsibilities that come with escorting convoys and the need to be on alert at all times.

Allan Roberts

Mr. Allan Roberts was born March 11, 1974 in Ottawa, Ontario. Always having the desire to be part of the Canadian Forces Mr. Roberts chose to join the Infantry Reserve Unit in Trenton, Ontario. During his time in the reserves, Mr. Roberts was given the opportunity to become part of the army and accept a deployment position to Bosnia. This experience allowed him to put his training to task and work on par with the Royal Canadian Dragoons holding rank of Master Corporal taking on the daily occupation of patrol and convoy escort. After Mr. Roberrt's deployment to Bosnia, he was once again accepted to deploy to Afghanistan under the same rank and occupation but in a more intense level of service and different cultural environment. After his deployment was complete, Mr. Roberts returned to Ottawa, Ontario. Mr. Roberts is now retired from the military

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 10, 2009
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Allan Roberts
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Canadian Armed Forces

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