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First Deployment to a Foreign Land

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First Deployment to a Foreign Land

For me it was the first tour in a foreign land, a foreign country. You see pictures, photos, the news. None of it, the training you get can train you for what you do see or what you do when you are there in the aspects it can only prepare you for what may happen but not what you see. It's a war stricken country as everybody knows. When you see children walking around with barely any clothes, foot, you know, no shoes, things like that there. You don't see that here in Canada or at least any other places that I have been within Canada. It takes you back a few steps. I mean, you see farmers so I understood the farming aspect of what their culture is like coming from a farm myself. But the way they farm is not like we farm with machinery and tractors. They don't have it so everything is done manually when they grow their stuff. Some people are at luxury to have a machine and bonus for them. But a lot of it's done with animals, like mules and stuff and everybody works together in order to live.

Mr. Hennessey speaks about his first opportunity for deployment to Kabul as part of Roto O with the Royal Canadian Regiment and expresses the differences he witnessed in culture and lifestyle.

Allan Hennessey

Corporal Hennessey was born December 21, 1963 in Newcastle, New Brunswick. At age 17, he decided to join the Canadian Forces and chose the army as his branch of service. He initially joined up with The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment. Cpl. Hennessey received much of his basic training through the reserves and later became part of the regular force. As part of infantry, Cpl. Hennessey took on the occupation of vehicle technician and rifleman. During his service, Cpl. Hennessey was part of Roto O in Afghanistan and did a tour in Kandahar in 2006-07. Cpl. Hennessey is part of the RSS (Reserve Support Staff).

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 19, 2009
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Allan Hennessey
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Canadian Armed Forces
Royal Canadian Regiment

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