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Starving Children

Heroes Remembers - Liberation of the Netherlands

All I remember in Nijmegen when we were there was what we called a static position, nothing going on you might say. We still had guard duty and all that and our cook was able to build a mud oven you might say and bake our own bread. Bake our own bread and of course we were fussy guys, you know, and when we’d cut the end off and throw it in the garbage and the Dutch kid would be running after it because there was no such thing as white bread in those days. I don’t know what flour they use but it’s brown, very hard, they gave us a piece to try it on, ya. We helped them up on that. We’d get care packs from Canada, let’s say we got a chocolate bar there and there were four of those kids there, we’d cut it in four pieces and just divvy between them, we don’t even eat it ourself. The kids were around about ten to about twelve or thirteen, they really appreciated it because they didn’t have anything but we didn’t know about the people starving in the north were quite bad, only people we dealt with were the young kids come up to the barracks there when we were in a static position and, you know, we just helped giving them whatever we could ourselves that’s about it.

Mr. Chow remembers the starving young Dutch children and providing as much as they could for them.

George Chow

Mr. George Chow was born in Victoria, British Columbia November 5, 1921. Mr. Chow attended school in Victoria and during that time had the desire to join the service. He went to Vancouver for basic training and became part of the 16th Light Battery, 3rd Regiment as an anti-aircraft gunner. Mr. Chow travelled overseas and landed in England and at the end of war he participated in the liberation of Holland. Mr. Chow met his wife overseas and when the war was over they came back to Victoria. Mr. Chow holds great pride for his service and returned to Holland to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
May 2, 2015
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George Chow
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Liberation of Holland
Air Force

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