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A Memory I will take to my Grave

Heroes Remembers - Liberation of the Netherlands

A Memory I will take to my Grave

As years went by I have never had anything that meant more to me in life than the evening of that New Year’s, 1944, that would be ’45 coming that night. Because the Germans were running all away loose around there dressed up as American officers or Canadians and that, everybody was out on points but in the meantime we had given the nuns this church, the food and that and we went in there and had the meal and that and at the altar back up, you know where the altar was, there was twelve nurses or nuns as you would call them and they were singing Christmas carols. And, of course, really the feeling of it made me really, it’s hard to explain but I was brought up more or less in Sunday school and that but with all the death and destruction around to hear that at Christmas time so beautifully singing, it’s out of this world to me, it was something to hang on to through the rest of the world and to me in the whole life in the army that’s my best memory and I will have it until I go to my grave.

Of all life’s wonderful experiences, Mr. Sommerville shares a celebration New Year’s Eve, 1944 where the singing of Christmas carols by the local nuns was an inspiration never to be forgotten.

Donald Sommerville

Mr. Donald Sommerville was born September 19, 1922 in Chatham, Ontario. Mr. Sommerville grew up on a farm and attended public school. He and his buddies decided to join the army and left for overseas as part of the Royal Canadian Engineers. Mr. Sommerville became part of the 23rd Royal Canadian Engineers, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. He takes pride in the service provided as part of “Operation Duck” - an operation that lasted nine days before the war ended. Mr. Sommerville has returned to Holland for commemorative anniversaries. He now resides in Ontario with his family.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
May 6, 2015
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Donald Sommerville
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Second World War
Liberation of Holland
Candian Royal Corps of Engineers, Electricians and Mechanics, 2nd Tank Troop Workshop

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