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Beaumont-Hamel 100 Years Later

First World War

Beaumont-Hamel 100 Years Later


Crowd of soliders travelling on back of flatbed in a convoy waving as they drive past

Beaumont-Hamel 100 years later

Monument of the Caribou

When you get there it changes from fact to reality because you hear about it but you don't really realize what actually

Monument of Caribou and bagpiper standing beside it

Crowd of people gathering around Caribou monument

took place until you are there and you see it.

Charlie Rees 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment Korean War

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment was almost fully wiped out.

Leslie Mercer 2nd Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Korean War

It was a very emotional tour seeing actually what Beaumont-Hamel was to and

Several different photos of the structures of bunkers

the lay of the land and the close, how close the German bunkers were to the position of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment,

People walking through the terrain of Beaumont-Hamel landscape

shall we say. It's really moving.

Two soldiers standing on guard as soldiers sit about the rough terrain

Large contingent of soldiers pose for photo

You remember all the Newfoundlanders that lost their lives during Beaumont-Hamel and

Danica Bungay RSM Clerk, 831 Winnipeg Canadian Forces

the great loss to the families

Image of teh Forget-me-not flower on the crest of leather jacket

The Forget-me-not is the flower we had for

Jerry Farrell Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Canadian Forces

remembrance in Newfoundland long before there was ever a poppy and we still use the Forget-me-not.

Olivia Bradbury Youth Representative, BH Pilgrimage

To think of what they went through, you know, and to know that they never got home even though they were so brave and they did so much. You know it's just an honour to be there to say, I remember you, somebody remembers you even after all this time!

Mel Strong Newfoundlander Member of 2 CAV Beaumont-Hamel

A lot of Newfoundlanders answered that call and, you know, unfortunately it was, you know, resulted in a lot of people losing their lives.

Solider running through the rough terrain firing rifles and blasts of smoke fill the air

Ronald Dunn Voice of First World War Veteran

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment

We had 801 went over,

Soldiers laying on ground firing their machine guns

Cannon fires, soldiers running through terrain during battle firing weapons as they moved forward

68 had to answer the role call

Soldier's helmet lay on the rough ground

Over 700, 364 was killed,

A soldier lay dead on ground

95 missing and the rest wounded.

Soldiers carrying out the wounded from the trenches

Several different photos of the structures of bunkers , é


In recognition of the Battle of Beaumont-Hamel, Newfoundlanders reflect back on the importance of remembering the sacrifice of The Royal Newfoundland Regiment 100 years later

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Veterans Affairs Canada
May 30, 2016
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First World War

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