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Canadian Ships in the Persian Gulf

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Canadian Ships in the Persian Gulf

Canadian ships hadn’t been in the Persian Gulf since the Second World War, basically. At least we couldn’t find any and then it would have been the corvettes like Sackville, you know, that might have gone to Yemen in the Second World War. Here was a strange place and it was eleven thousand miles away from home and we had to support three ships, three hundred sailors aboard each ship of which we had women as well, first time they had ever sailed into combat, first time the Canadian government had legislated that this was a war and that yes, you go with the crews you got. It was quite a remarkable experience just to get out there. And then sail out of Halifax and what I reminisced about today was the support that we got from the city of Halifax and the people of Nova Scotia that lined the jetties. There were thousands and thousands lining the jetties as we went out on a sunny day and hundreds of boats that were following us as we were going out to wish us good sailing, fair winds, following seas. In fact, we were looking at each other on board the ship and saying, “You know, they think we might not come back,” and we might not have come back if we hadn’t done the right things at the right time, had the right training and it wasn’t because we didn’t go into harm’s way, we were in it. We were in the middle of it and not a lot of people know that back home.

Vice-Admiral Miller discusses the contribution made by the Navy in the Persian Gulf War, a truly remarkable experience.

Duncan “Dusty” Miller

Born in the United Kingdom, Duncan “Dusty” Miller immigrated to Canada in 1954. At the age of 15 and having a strong desire to join the military, Mr. Miller went to the recruiting centre but could not be accepted until 16 years of age. He then attended Bishop’s University in Lennoxville. During his career, Mr. Miller rose to the rank of Vice Admiral where he became the Naval Task Commander aboard HMCS Athabaskan during the Persian Gulf War. Vice Admiral Miller later retired from the military and now resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 26, 2016
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Duncan “Dusty” Miller
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Canadian Armed Forces
Persian Gulf
Gulf War
HMCS Athabascan

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