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Respect for the Service Provided

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Respect for the Service Provided

One of the things I’ve always learned, and this is what my dad said to me, when anybody comes to you and want to be fed, feed them whatever you possibly can give them, treat them with the utmost respect. If they ask for say, spaghetti or stew or steak, try to cook that steak to the way they like it because one of the things are, you’re doing something for them, and they will respect you beyond. And one of the things are everybody talks and says, “Oh Jerry’s on, I can’t wait to get in,” or you know. To get back to your saying, “Did they always respect you?” Well sometimes they respect you but sometimes they call you their friend, sometimes they call you, you know, best friend, sometimes they call you your buddy or on top of that, they’re having a rough day and they yell at you but one of the things are, with the cook trade, and that’s the hardest thing is, you respect the people that’s coming to you and if you know how to deal with them because they are having a bad day, they see you three times a day. Sometimes they see you six times a day because depending on what they’re working, you know, and one of the things are, you know, you’re fed around the clock. While we were there, we had, we would have seven meals, and people would say, “You had seven meals? How would you have seven meals?” Well, you have change of watches. One of the things are if they are flying they have different times that they get breakfast, and then they would do the change at night so they’d be waking up for midnight to have breakfast at midnight, or they’d be coming back and having supper at six o’clock in the morning.

Mr. Hynes expresses the respect he felt from fellow sailors as he cooked the very best meals and provided the best service he was capable of.

Gerald Hynes

Mr. Gerald “Jerry” Hynes was born October 6, 1963 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Following in his father’s footsteps, Mr. Hynes decided to join the navy and take on the trade of cook. Spending 27 years in the military, Mr. Hynes lived in Germany with his family and during this time in service, was provided an opportunity to join the contingent going to Persian Gulf War. Mr. Hynes expresses his pride for the service he gave to our Country, now retired from the military he resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 27, 2016
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Gerald Hynes
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Canadian Armed Forces
Persian Gulf
Gulf War

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