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Remembrance Moments - Hong Kong

Remembrance Moments

Remembrance Moments - Hong Kong

Remembrance Moments Canada Remembers the Defence of Hong Kong

Looking out towards a bay in Hong Kong where a number of naval vessels are stationed

Second World War November 1941

Military personnel depart a ship

Canadian soldiers arrive in Hong Kong

Soldiers walk in a line carrying their belongings having just landed in Hong Kong

to help defend the British colony. Just three weeks later, Japanese forces attack.

Soldiers take cover behind a wall

The Canadians and Allies bravely fight

A soldier positioned on a balcony fires off a single shot

against overwhelming odds

Canadian soldiers, having surrendered to the Japanese, walk along, guarded by Japanese military personnel

but are forced to surrender.

Armed soldiers walk through a building

Some 290 Canadians lost their lives in Hong Kong

Image of malnourished Canadian prisoners of war

And over 260 more died

Canadian prisoners of war walk through a camp

in harsh prisoner-of-war camps

Soldiers pose for a picture with a large black dog

They served

Still image of a malnourished Canadian prisoner of war – smiling, against all odds

and sacrificed

A Canadian flag flies amongst the headstones at Sai Wan cemetery, located in Hong Kong

for freedom #RememberThem

Military personnel standing at attention for a moment of silence during a Remembrance Day ceremony

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The Defence of Hong Kong

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Veterans Affairs Canada
August 18, 2016

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