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The Dieppe Raid Cenotaph

The Dieppe Raid

The Dieppe Raid Cenotaph

In 1946, after the war, one of the ladies Agnès Elsliger, went to the council and asked the council if they would change the name to Dieppe to represent and commemorate the 913 Canadians that died on the beaches in Dieppe. One of which came from Dieppe here, victory barer. So the veterans decided they should build a Cenotaph. They decided that they would take something from around here and try to build a Cenotaph that would be commemorative. There was 913 stones, representing the 913 Canadians that died on the beaches in Dieppe. They’re divided into 10 sections which represent the 10 regiments or units that were fighting for in Dieppe during the raid. Of course the soldier that is behind it represents those soldiers. One of the reporters was reporting or speaking to some other people in France at the Jubilee association and they mentioned that you know we were going to do a similar thing here. So he got together with school kids and the school kids went all along the beaches in Dieppe where the raid took place and they gather up 913 stones. And the stones were incorporated into the monument as part of the design of the monument. So the school kids in France really are part of this whole situation. A message from the government of Canada.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
August 16, 2017

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