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Things don’t Always go Right

Heroes Remember

Things don’t Always go Right

You know your friends are out there and things didn’t always go right. I think those are the things that weigh on you. The one that really kind of sticks in my memory was when Ray was killed, it was a traffic, really just a traffic accident which I don’t think we really, you drive through traffic all the time but you’re not thinking of traffic as being your worst enemy but it kind of really is, right? So like anyone else who drives on the road constantly for a living, traffic really is one of the biggest dangers for them. That accident scene was difficult but you kind of just got to dig in and follow your training and do what comes next, right? Interviewer: And that’s what I say, I guess the training does kick in like you say, but yet you are a human being, you know. Yes, well, when I called back to headquarters to say we had had an accident and I needed to get a helicopter spooled up they refused to action that request until I checked on other casualties in the area which I had no information on. And there was no other casualties in the end, it was just our guys, we needed to get them out so we did. You can’t let the situation, everyone else there needs you to keep your head together, right?

Mr. Moroz shares an emotional and personal story of how his fellow comrade was killed, an incident one never is ready to experience.

Vincent Moroz

Mr. Vincent Moroz was born November 12, 1965 in Spirit River, Alberta. In his early 20’s he worked as a prison guard in hopes of pursuing a career with the military police. This not working out, later on in life, at the age of 30 he re-joined the Reserve unit with the 49th Battalion, the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and within this role accepted a deployment to Afghanistan in 2006. Holding rank of section commander, Mr. Moroz held various responsibilities mainly in the convoy escort duty and providing support to Canadian battle groups. Being part of the Canadian Delegation commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge holds a great sense of pride and honour for his service as well as the sacrifice made by all our Canadian Veterans. Mr. Moroz resides in Spirit River, Alberta with his wife and family.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
April 3, 2017
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Vincent Moroz
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Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Armed Forces
Reserves Infantry
Section Commander

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