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A Storm in my Life

Heroes Remember

So from there I was arrested under the mental health act. I was taken up to Ottawa. I was put in the psychiatric ward and I spent some time in there. Kudos to the doctors that are there. Dr. Moyse, amazing man. I had certain entities of military, one being General Rick Hillier come visit me. This was whenever my first stay was at the psychiatric unit. I got out of that, did my due diligence, came up just after four months of house arrest and after sixteen months in institutions and whatnot, and the courts gave me four months house arrest and I was locked up in the system now because I had probation. I had to report to this person and it just created another storm in my brain, in my life. I ended up getting arrested again, sent back to a psychiatric facility and at this time now I was in there and again I’m in the psychiatric unit, you know, and I’m just not doing well. I’m now being chemically restrained under the DSM. I’ve created this storm in my life. I am getting worse and worse and worse to the point where you know I just, looking back on 2013 at this point in my life I am just like why couldn’t they have just ended it for me there. This is like, it got worse and worse and I got a visit from General Natynczyk and his wife Leslie and they sat in there with me and spoke with me and a lot of really impactful words came across, went across those tables. I can’t say enough good about those two. The influence and the opportunities that I have been able to inject myself into now have got me standing six feet tall as opposed to resting six feet under.

Collin shares his experiences within the mental health system and recalls how encouragement from military members went a long way.

Collin Fitzgerald

Mr. Collin Fitzgerald was born in Ottawa March 14, 1979. At the age of 8, Collin’s parents encouraged him to join the Cadet Program leading him towards becoming a reservist. At the age of 17 and with the inspiration of World War Two and Korea Veterans, Collin made the decision to transfer over to Regular Force joining the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He rose to the rank of Master Corporal after his 15 years of military service. In 2000 he attended battle school in Wainwright, Alberta, then posted to Winnipeg. In September of that same year he accepted a deployment to Bosnia. In 2006, Mr. Fitzgerald attached himself to 5 Platoon B Company and deployed to Afghanistan under the regiment, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Experiencing intense combat during his time in Afghanistan, Mr. Fitzgerald was presented the Sacrifice Medal for his services and courageous acts of duty towards his fellow comrades. Upon discharge from the military, Mr. Fitzgerald suffered with PTSD and with the help of many supporters he was able to reintegrate into civilian life. He presently is highly involved in giving back to the military community and is a strong advocate for Highway of Heroes and many other service related initiatives. Mr. Fitzgerald now resides in Kingston, Ontario.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
September 27, 2017
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Collin Fitzgerald
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Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Armed Forces
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI)

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