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No Such Thing as a Typical Day

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No Such Thing as a Typical Day

The great thing about being in that position, there was no such thing as a typical day. Every day was a little bit different. Some days we would be patrolling. Some days the platoon would be on gate guard just to protect the camp that we were on. But typically we would wake up early and we would do our physical training, get that out of the way before it got too hot out and get the sun. For a platoon commander there’s always the office side of things that had to be done, depends if we were doing an operation at the time or if we were doing our patrolling or if we had a meeting to set up and all these different variables that we had to take into account. At the same time, I would have my sections out doing their patrols. You know, just having that presence out there and kind of winning the hearts and minds, is one of the lines we used, of the Afghani people. We weren’t there to overtake the country or anything, we were there to help them. That could be from handing out, you know, tools to them to just patrolling with the local police and the local militaries. So everybody was doing a different job at one time. And then sometimes at least a few times a week I would get out and do my own patrols and not only meeting mayors and the elders from each of the communities but also dong my own patrol, presence patrols and being out there as well.

During the six month deployment, Major Feyko discusses his various duties and points out that no two days were ever the same.

Jay Feyko

Mr. Jay Feyko was born April 25, 1973 in Windsor, Ontario. While attending Trenton University, unsure of his future, Mr. Feyko decided to join the military under a three year contract with the Canadian Forces. After having the opportunity to be honour guard in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, his inspiration for those who served before him led him to the decision to remain in the military. Joining as private under the 3rd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment, Infantry Division, Mr. Feyko deployed to Afghanistan under Operation Roto O holding rank of platoon commander. He was medically discharge and rose to the rank of major. Deployment to Afghanistan resulted in a severe injury when he became wounded after a suicide bomber detonated the vehicle he was travelling in. Not allowing his injuries to change his lifestyle, Mr. Feyko carried on with his career, accepting a position as senior manager of Soldier On where he continues present day in supporting and assisting other Veterans with challenges in life. Mr. Feyko was medically discharged from the Canadian military in June 2016 and continues to advocate for the needs of his fellow comrades. Mr. Feyko now resides in Ottawa, Ontario with his wife and children.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
September 29, 2017
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Jay Feyko
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Canadian Armed Forces
3rd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment
Platoon Commander

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