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Trench Warfare (Condensed)

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Trench Warfare (Condensed)

Amiens. That was the greatest battle of the whole war. That was the beginning of the end. The last hundred days. Yeah. It was, it was the most sacred offensive of the whole war. All the move was done at night. We left Arras in the middle of the night, boarded a train and went away on orders the next morning where the hell we were going, you know. We had maps, we were trying to trace where the railway line was going. There was just one line that we missed. That's the one that took us down to Amiens. I never saw the town of Amiens. No, it was all open country where we were. That was, must have been near the town of Amiens. That's why they called it that. All broad, wide open field... I remember, remember the number of tanks we lost that day. They had completed a new anti-tank weapon. but you'd see a tank gun fire here, there, all over the place. They shot out a hell of a lot over our tanks that day. After we got them out of their first... trench system, you know. We followed the tank commanders across wide open fields. Oh 10 miles that one day. Yeah. The German High Command called it a black day of the German army. We called it the beginning of the last days hundred days. Their stories... Our history

Excerpt. Mr. MacDougall entered France in March of 1918. He describes here his duties and the experience of trench warfare at the front in Arras. He goes on to recall the important battle of Amiens in August of 1918.

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