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Ruthless In a fun way!

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Ruthless In a fun way!

We were ruthless with each other but in a fun way. I remember in Bosnia in 1996 we tied a guy into a sleeping bag, Mike McCard, and you know we would drag him out in the snow and fill his bag with snow at three in the morning and it was fun! You know it was fun stuff. Setting little boobie traps for guys, loosening the brakes off on their bikes or, you know, like it was never dangerous but it was, everyone got a good laugh and nobody was picked on. It was done concurrently to everybody. It was a zest for life! You’d die for your brothers and you would fight for them too and if something happened you would comfort them. That’s camaraderie. Interviewer: And not many common Canadians get that opportunity to share that. No they don’t. Society now a days is more take than give whereas we give because it is all we have.

Thier shares a very positive and fun feeling about the connection amongst fellow soldiers.

Michael Thier

Mr. Michael Their was born in Vancouver, B.C. August 30, 1970. Looking at options for a career choice, at age 24 Mike considering himself a late bloomer chose to join the military. Only four days after joining up and being trained an as infantry soldier, Mike was given an opportunity to deploy to Bosnia with IFOR ’96, SFOR ’99 and then to Ethiopia as part of UNMEE in 2001. After a horrific accident turret explosion to the armoured vehicle, Mike received serious facial wounds and after more than twenty surgeries he was given no choice but to be medically released from the military. Suffering with PTSD, Mike continues to struggle yet carries on with a sense of purpose in life and holds great pride in wearing the maple leaf. Mike has been named part of Team Canada for Invictus Games 2018 taking part in the sport of weight lifting and wheelchair basketball. Mike resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick with and family.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
September 26, 2018
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Michael Thier
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Canadian Armed Forces
Infantry soldier

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