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Quick Decision to Deploy

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Quick Decision to Deploy

So it came on pretty sudden. Most workup training for deployment could be from about a year to a year and a half long before they actually would get the opportunity to land on the ground overseas. Myself I was actually in the Arctic training up there. There was a directive came down from the Prime Minister’s office saying we will deploy this piece of kit by September 1, 2008. So in a matter of like six months I went from the Arctic down to New Mexico training and deployed and hit the ground running so what I was doing we took what we called the Scan Eagle, a small UAV. And I was an operator/mission commander so we provided everything and anything you could think of to the commander over there for situation awareness, for Intel. We focused on providing over watch for troops on the ground. We cleared routes. We would track the bad guys. I would work with several different countries. I worked with the Brits, the Americans, obviously the Canadians and a few others. Very rewarding as a soldier’s point of view from that job over there. Luckily I never lost anybody. We were only a small troop. There was only fourteen of us on the ground. But, you know, being that eye in the sky it came with seeing a lot of mayhem and, you know, a lot of things you think you supress over a period of time but then as time goes by every once in a while there’s something that maybe jogs that memory.

While in the Arctic, Warrant Officer Nowell tells of his opportunity to deploy to Afghanistan and areas of responsibility involved during that period

Cory Nowell

Mr. Cory Nowell was born in Prince George, BC in 1973. After high school Cory considered joining the military and at age 24 joined with the Artillery regiment presently known as 4th Artillery Regiment General Support. Cory took on the rank of warrant officer with his occupation of drone operator/mission commander. While training in the Arctic, 2008, Cory was given an opportunity to deploy to Afghanistan. Warrant Officer Nowell is a still serving member and currently located at the Royal Canadian Artillery School at CFB in Gagetown, N.B. With inspiration from friend and fellow comrade, Warrant Officer Nowell has been selected to be part of Team Canada for Invictus Games 2018 where he will travel to Austraila and compete in the games. He currently resides in Rusagonis, New Brunswick with his wife and family.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
September 27, 2018
Person Interviewed:
Cory Nowell
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Canadian Armed Forces
4th Artillery Regiment General Support
Warrant Officer
Drone Operator/Mission Commander

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