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Homelessness Roundtable – Interview #6


Homelessness Roundtable – Interview #6

I’m Jan Richardson, Manager of Homeless Prevention for the City of London. As the municipality we… our obligation is to implement a plan that solves homelessness in our community. Our veterans have been a top priority for us for a number of years, and we have had, I think, a very strong and successful collaborative approach in solving homelessness for our veterans. Our approach is to meet the unique needs of each family and individual who’s experiencing homelessness. So every person experiencing homelessness is unique, that includes our veterans. I think we learn a lot by working in partnership with our local veteran-serving organizations. Since 2011, we have been working together with both our homeless-serving organizations and our veteran-serving organisations to first of all, look at why are we not identifying who our veterans are; what do we need to fix that problem? and then what do we need to do to work together to not only work with our veterans but work with them to achieve housing stability. So, I think that we have a message of hope that looks at the courage and integrity that we can achieve as a community

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Veterans Affairs Canada
January 29, 2019

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