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Canadian Armed Forces air operations in the Gulf War

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Canadian Armed Forces air operations in the Gulf War

OK, Ready, lift! Watch your hands when you get close to the launch room. OK. Rotate a little bit. Pull it back now. Hold on a sec. OK. OK, that’s in. All right, in. That’s in. Forward. I’m gonna need to use that wrench. OK, got it. OK, forward. Good. Whoa. Yes sir. That’s it! It’s the 21st of January (1991). Some of these pilots are going to face possibly the first combat of their lives. It’s an optimistic air, though. Good luck to these guys. How’s the weapons going, no problems? Yeah, there was one aim was dead, on the initial, on the right, the red one there, then it came back to life. Initial weapon check it, there was no tone, and then when it came back, they were all working fine. Excellent!

Source: Persian Gulf War Veterans Association


This video offers an overview of the air operations of the Canadian Armed Forces during the Gulf War in January 1991.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
January 21, 1991
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Canadian Armed Forces
Middle East
Gulf War
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