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Soldiers Dying

Heroes Remember

I saw a lot of fellas die. I recall the first time, I was sitting having breakfast and this was outdoors of course and these guys had been on a night patrol. One guy was telling the guy beside me, he says, “Your brother won’t make it back. Your brother got killed.” And he says, “Well where’s his body?” and he says, “Come get in the jeep, I’ll take you out to it” and this kind of stuff. I mean shocking, shocking.

Mr. Greaves expresses the shock he felt listening to a soldier being told that his brother died while out on night patrol.

Archibald Greaves

Mr. Archibald “Archie” Greaves was born in St. Michaels, Barbados. At age 22, he came to Canada with interest in studying. He came from a middle class family with two sisters and his father worked for a newspaper company writing columns. Mr. Greaves joined the army with the 8th New Brunswick Hussars and trainedg as a wireless operator in the tanks. He travelled overseas to Italy and during his time in Holland met and married a Dutch lady. In 1947 he settled in Montreal always with the intention to return to Barbados. He worked in the fruit and vegetable business for importers as a traffic manager and remained in Canada.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Archibald Greaves
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Second World War
8th New Brunswick Hussars
Wireless Operator

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