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Dying Far From Home

Heroes Remember

Interviewer: When you think of Remembrance Day, November 11th, what does this day mean to you? Well, one thing it means is that I remember every place we stopped there was a little cemetery and the padre buried the people who died that day. And most times there weren't anybody there, but the people who were looking after it because everybody was working. But I know that everywhere there was a cemetery and finding all these bodies of course removed and in the beautiful, beautiful cemeteries that we have today run by the British Commonwealth. No not the British Commonwealth anymore. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It was the most beautiful cemetery, but I think of those, I think of the dying and so far away from home. You know, when I think of all the people who still suffer from the effects of that war, because I think there still must be quite a number of them in hospital and at home. I think of those people.

On Remembrance Day Ms. Sloan expresses her compassion for the men that didn’t come back home and for the soldiers who got home, but still suffered.

Hallie Sloan

Hallie Sloan was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1920. At age ten, she and her family moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Ms. Sloan always had the desire to become a nurse and moved to Vancouver where she obtained a nursing degree at the Vancouver General Hospital. When war was declared she became very anxious to serve her country in the medical field. She decided to join the army. She held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and Matron-in-Chief in the Medical Service, serving in Germany and many parts of Canada. After the war, Hallie continued her nursing career and devoted much of her time towards advocating the vital part that nursing sisters played during wartime service and post-war. Ms. Sloan was the National President of the Nursing Association of Canada (1994-1996) and was active in volunteer work. She has become a strong role model for the Nursing Sisters Association.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Hallie Sloan
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Second World War

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