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Declaration of War

Heroes Remember

We didn't really worry about it until the actual war was declared and then we say, "Oh Jesus, we can get a job". And the pay, I'll never forget it, army, navy, you started out at one dollar and ten cents a day. And in the navy after you'd been, after you had been drafted to a ship, if it was a, a small ship and you slept in hammock, you could get an extra twenty-five cents a day for hard lairs. So, that was big money then. Well you see, it's the financial picture. Canada, especially Hamilton area were, was in the throws of depression days. There was no money. Nobody had money to throw around. You, you scratched and you did what you can with very little. So with the war on, join the Forces, you get a uniform, a place to eat and sleep. You'll get lots of money, at least it seemed to be lots of money at the time. And not only that, all the girls liked to look at you and oh. But it, I think it was a financial, a financial thing actually. In addition to the fact that all the young guys liked to wear a uniform, and I'm quite happy to say most of them liked, a lot of them liked the navy uniform.

Mr.Adderley talks about war being declared and how they joined for $1.10 a day.

Jack Adderley

Mr. Adderley was born on Nov. 24, 1924, He grew up in the north end of Hamilton. He was an only child and it was tough growing up for his father had trouble getting steady work as he suffered from lung damage suffered during the First World War. Mr. Adderley joined the reserves when he was too young to join the service and on his 19th birthday he joined the navy where he served in the Second World War and the Korean War. Mr. Adderley talks about what it was like to be in the navy and what it was like when they were ran ashore and the Americans gave them air support.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Jack Adderley
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Second World War
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