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Not a Merry Christmas

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Not a Merry Christmas

On Christmas Day they brought up, I think it was pork, roast pork and gravy and mashed potatoes and a bottle of beer and fed us, gave us that. I understand that some of the Seaforth were able to... a company at a time would go back out to this church and have a warm Christmas dinner, but we were not able to do that, the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. And my position was up in a roof of a house, like up in the attic of a house. And I had knocked a brick out, I was doing observation up there, and I'd knocked this brick out and was observing the back square. And the German soldier come out and I had to shoot him on Christmas Day. That bothers me so much. You know I don't mind, didn't mind shooting the German, but on Christmas Day it just didn't seem to be right. So.. Interviewer: But that was your duty. That was my duty, well it could have been him or me so, you know, you have to do what you have to do, but no matter how sad it is so...

Mr White recalls one particularly sad Christmas. One he'll never forget.

Maurice White

Maurice White was born in Coldwater, Ontario, on January 2, 1925. At a young age, his family relocated to Grassland, Alberta, where he was raised. After being rejected as too young by the air force, he successfully enlisted with the army, joining the Prince of Wales Armoury in Edmonton, Alberta. By the age of 17 he was an instructor, carrying the rank of corporal, but anxious to serve overseas he left his rank, to serve as a Private with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. For 23 months Mr White served in the Italian Campaign, seeing action in such cities and towns as Ortona, Sicily, and Ragoona. Although not a religious man, his numerous near death experiences left him believing someone may have been watching over him He served with the military police for a year after the end of the War before returning to Canada.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Maurice White
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Second World War
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