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We had wonderful fellows with us and they were full of old fashioned guts. And they did well when they were . . . the boys in the front lines, when they were attacked, boy, they made a good showing of themselves. One of our fellas got the Military Medal. He, he was one of the tankmen, and he was, he was up on top of the tank holding the turret, and the big gun showed over the top of the tank, and there was a .50 calibre machine gun on it. And they came under heavy attack, and this fella, he get up there with the .50 calibre machine gun, and he plowed the devil right out of them and turned them back. And they fired at him with artillery and mortar, and one shell hit close enough, knocked him off the tank, and he get back up and continued to fire at them, and he stopped the attack by himself. And he was awarded the Military Medal for his efforts.

Mr. Buckler conveys his pride in the job that he and his comrades who served in Korea did. He tells a story to illustrate the bravery of the soldiers he served with one of whom received a medal for bravery for his part.

Ronald Buckler

Mr. Ronald Buckler was born in Toronto Ontario, on April 28, 1930. His father worked for the Bell telephone company but was let go during the depression. The family moved to the country where Mr. Buckler attended school from primary until Grade 10. Mr. Buckler is the oldest boy of a family of three brothers and two sisters. Mr. Buckler, after leaving school, worked in Brantford, Ontario, for three years with several large companies. He left this line of work and went to work on a farm.

In 1950 Mr. Buckler, at the age of 20, joined the Canadian Army in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Mr. Buckler was sent to Barrie Field for basic training, then to Pickering, Ontario, for anti aircraft training. Settling in to a trade as an armament fitter, qualified to repair artillery guns. Mr. Buckler was sent to Hudson Bay and was prepared to go to Germany for a tour of duty but was instead sent to Korea. He arrived in Korea in June of 1952 and served with the LED section, B Squadron, Lord Strathcona's Horse Regiment servicing Sherman tanks. He found morale high among the Strathconas for his 13 months he served in Korea and is very proud of his service in Korea.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Ronald Buckler
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Korean War
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