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Merchant Navy Men Carry On

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Merchant Navy Men Carry On

Interviewer: Tell me Mr. Blackmore, when you look back on the events of your coastal service and the merchant navy service that you gave up and down the coast of North America, do you think that the service that was done by the Merchant Navy then contributed significantly to the end of the war? Oh definitely, yes. Interviewer: Why is that? Well, they kept the Merchant Navy going, go travel back and forth, and whatnot. Carried on the same as in peace time, like Merchant Navy men always do. During all wars. They carry on. Interviewer: No matter what the risks, no matter what the dangers? Well, the risks are there, and hopefully you don't hit the wrong situation. Interviewer: Did your service, and in particular, the torpedoing of your vessel have a negative impact on you later in life? Did it affect you? Did you dream about it, or have nightmares? Oh no, nothing like that no. No ill effects at all.

Mr. Blackmore describes those who served in the Merchant Navy. He talks about the quality and impact of the service provided by the Merchant Navy and how it affected the war effort.

Wilfred K. Blackmore

Wilfred Blackmore was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland on November 21, 1920. His father was a seaman who freighted cargo between Newfoundland and Labrador. Mr. Blackmore left St. John's at the age of 21 for Corner Brook where he began sailing for Bowaters transporting pulp. As the eldest son, he was now the bread winner for his family. His ship, the SS Livingston, a British registered merchant ship and converted lake boat, was torpedoed on November 2, 1941, while transporting 2000 tons of coal and other cargo from Boston to the American forces base in Argentia, Newfoundland. One of 14 survivors to reach St. John’s, Mr. Blackmore continued to serve in the Merchant Navy until the war ended. Following the war, he taught seamanship at the navigational school in St. John’s.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Wilfred K. Blackmore
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Second World War
Atlantic Ocean
Battle of the Atlantic
Merchant Navy
First Mate

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