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Enlistment and Training

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Enlistment and Training

During the time I was going to high school I joined the 15th Alberta Light Horse which was a calvary group and so we had a few years there of work with the military cause we used to go down to camp out of (inaudible) of Calgary there every year with our horses and so on and played military games out at... So that when the war was imminent I think the first thing I thought about was being in early September I simply cancelled any plans I had for teaching, continued, and went down to Calgary and joined the Forces. But there wouldn't, our unit was a non-permanent unit, the calvary, and calvary was not going to be used anymore so I joined the Calgary Highlanders, and that's the unit that I worked with for the next five years. Interviewer: Do you remember the date that you joined up Mr. Robinson? Yeah, it was the 12th of September. Interviewer: And how old were you? I was 24 I guess, 24 yeah. There was no plan of moving out immediately so they set up in Calgary and did some building there in (inaudible) park and that's where we were billeted for the winter. And then the next, in May of the next year we were moved down to Shilo, Manitoba where we were there with the regiment with the Saskatchewan Regiment and the Manitoba Rifles so we were, we spent the summer there.

Mr. Robinson describes his enlistment and some of the initial training he received.

Sherwin Robinson

Sherwin Robinson was born in Innisvale, Alberta on April 5, 1915. He was a member of the 15th Alberta Lighthorse (Cavalry group) prior to the Second World War. As the Cavalry was not being used at the outbreak of the war, he joined the Calgary Highlanders on September 12, 1939, at the age of 24. During his service, Mr. Robinson moved through the ranks and occupied various positions. Following the war, he took a job with the Veterans Land Administration (VLA), eventually taking a position in Ottawa, where he remained.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Sherwin Robinson
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Second World War
North America
Calgary Highlanders
Platoon Sergeant Major

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