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Physician / Nurse Relationships

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Physician / Nurse Relationships

We actually trained nurse midwives and we trained nurse practitioners. Unfortunately, the medical establishment in the forces was similar to the medical establishment in civvy street, and they didn't want nurses doing anything that they thought they shouldn't be doing. So nurses have been held down considerably during the years, nurses are quite capable of doing nurse practitioner jobs, and who's better do to midwifery than women? But, you see, we were encroaching on their territory which they guard fiercely. And I think this is partly why nurses' roles have continued to be diminished, or haven't gone forward, shall we say. Because, because physicians constantly fight nurses progressing into anything, you know, beyond what they did traditionally.

Mrs. Robinson reflects on the traditional working relationships between physicians and nurses.

Shirley Robinson

Shirley Robinson was born in Bruce County Ontario on April 22, 1932. She found the idea of joining the military to be very exciting. She had a successful career which saw her move through many positions in both the operational and administrative side of the forces. Upon her retirement, Shirley Robinson was actively involved in initiatives to further the cause of women’s rights.

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Shirley Robinson
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