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Praise For Those Who Served

Heroes Remember

Praise For Those Who Served

Well, to the fella that passed away, I feel that it was very unfortunate they died. I believe that had they survived, and we might have been in their place, they would have felt the same way as I do now. As to the fellas, the fellas who did survive, I feel very happy for them. For they’ve had a chance to live, get married, have families, and pass on their heritage. It’s just something, a lot of these young men never did have a chance. Now, we’re very fortunate that we in this country, it’s unfortunate that people don’t recognize it more, and speak about it more. But we have a beautiful country, from Newfoundland right over to British Columbia and to the Territories and Yukon. And we are all human beings. And we enjoy each other’s company and pleasures. And to the young people of this country, this is yours, and let’s remember that there’s been a heavy price paid for it. Protect it, and live freely. And always remember, there’s always a second opinion. And above all, love one another and preserve peace.

Mr. Ross gives an emotional response to the question of how he feels about the men with whom he served.

Joseph William Ross

Mr. Ross was born in Montreal on February 15, 1925. His father served during the First World War and was seriously wounded at the second battle at Ypres. When Canada declared war on Germany in September, 1939, Mr. Ross was only 14 years old, working as an office boy for six dollars a week. Later, he worked as an apprentice fitter in the aircraft division of Vickers, near Montreal. Mr. Ross enlisted in the Army on his 18th birthday in 1943. After training in Quebec and Nova Scotia, he was sent as part of the reinforcement troops to England where he was assigned to ‘C’ Company of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. His overseas action included landing at Juno Beach on D-Day, and serving throughout both Normandy and Northwest Europe (Belgium and Holland). During an encounter with German forces, Mr. Ross sustained injuries from flying shrapnel.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Joseph William Ross
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Second World War
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

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