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Navigating in a Snowstorm

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Navigating in a Snowstorm

There was one time, we were in a snowstorm and we didn’t know anything at all about where we were. Well we knew on the chart, just the officers knew. So we just opened one of the doors up there, I was on the wheel at the time in the pilot house, I guess, and the bridge and here was land all across, so we had a good, good navigator with us. We were out searching for a ship that night. We didn’t find her. She must have sank all heads with her. We searched a pattern all the way around where the ship was last reported, so I guess she sank.

Search and rescue were sent out in various conditions weather good or bad and a good navigator could make the difference.

Eli Rogers

Eli Rogers was born in Newfoundland on February 16, 1919. The son of a locomotive engineer he enlisted with the Navy when he was 21 years old. Mr. Rogers served on many ships in the Navy with the Royal Navy Rescue unit.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Eli Rogers
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Second World War
Royal Navy Rescue Unit

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