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Remembrance Day Activities

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Remembrance Day Activities

I’ve been doing the poppy thing since 59 years. I do the complete thing - the program, everything, sales, everything. And we have a very good turn out. Keep it in the minds of the people, you know. I had a Dutch fellow for a speaker this year. And you could look around, I said, “Even the dogs were standing still.” There wasn’t a movement while he was talking. And it was cold. It’s outside mostly. And he had a 12 page speech and he’s a beautiful speaker. So it was really well done. And when you involve the school band for this, we involve all the schools. We go to them, each one has a service now. The only thing, I’m getting some of them to stagger them cause you’re running from one to the other cause there’s not many fellas left. And I tell them that, you know, what we were their age, you know, when we went there. And so what we did for the country and for the people that you left behind or whatever. One young fella, just a little fella one day, you know what he said to me? “Sir, did you have to die to get them medals?” That’s what he said to me. And they ask you some pretty straight questions, you know, with the television today and everything. You’ve got to be on your toes, you know, to answer them.

Mr. MacDonald discusses his involvement with both the Poppy program and local Remembrance Day activities.

Allan MacDonald

In a family of twelve children, Allan MacDonald was born on April 2, 1922, in New Waterford, Nova Scotia. His father was a miner, and following the death of his mother in childbirth, Mr. MacDonald joined his father in the mines. After joining the Air Force and not being called up, he joined the Army. Mr. MacDonald landed at Normandy and was later wounded in action, leaving him to survive with several pieces of shrapnel in his skull.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Allan MacDonald
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Second World War
North Shore Regiment

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