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Uniforms Were Important

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Uniforms Were Important

We didn’t particularly care for the khaki uniform and we decided not to join the army so we looked at the women’s navy. The thing that put us off was the black stockings. If they’d been silk stockings it would have been great, but they were these black cotton stockings. So that put us off. So we joined the air force, British Air Force and we figured that the air force blue would go with the colour of our eyes. I think it was about 1944, we had a lot of Canadian girls come over. Oh, we were so jealous of them. Their uniforms were terrific, especially their hats. Ours looked like flat, squashed pancakes. Oh, they looked great.

Mrs. Harvey explains that even in war times fashion and uniforms were important to the girls.

Pansey Harvey

Pansey June Harvey was born in London, England. In 1920, she came to Canada when she was four years old. When she was seventeen she enlisted and was sent to training camp two weeks later. Pansey served with the Womens Auxiliary Air Force - Royal Air Force as bomber/fighter command and in the hospital as an administrator. After the war she returned to Canada where she was married and had three daughters.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Pansey Harvey
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Second World War
Battle of Britain
Air Force

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