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Comradery When Out of the Military

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Comradery When Out of the Military

I’ve been out of the military since 1995. I have never had a job since then, and I don’t think there’s any careers out there, except for maybe the police perhaps, maybe the fire fighters, that you develop that sense of comradery with your buddies. You get to know these guys inside and out, you know about where they grew up, you get to know what they like for food, you get to know about their kids, you get to know about their wives, you get to learn all that stuff. That builds that comradery. They’re just not Bob or Dave or John, they’re, “hey I know, you’re Peggy’s wife, or Peggy’s husband Bob and little Bobby Sue.”, and you know. So you get to know them as people as well as just as a buddy. And it’s a combination of that plus the humour, I think the humour is big and I don’t think we look at that enough. The humour, you have to have it, you have to have it, because if not you take all this in, you build it all up and it just boils inside you.

Mr. Ott expresses his feelings about the level of comradery that is built in the military and how that strong bond remains even after service time.

David Ott

Mr. David Ott was born January 26, 1968 in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Fresh out of high school, Mr. Ott made his decision to join the military and entered battle school. The military way of life held a fascination for him and after being in army cadets for 6-7 years prior, it was an easy decision to choose army as his branch of service for active duty service. He joined The Royal Canadian Regiment and held rank of Corporal. Mr. Ott took his basic training in Petawawa, Ontario and after six months there, travelled to Germany for additional preparation. In 1992, Mr. Ott was part of the contingent of soldiers to arrive in the besieged city of Sarajevo for the purpose providing humanitarian aid and medical supplies, as well as reopening of the airport and for this received an honour, Commander-in-Chief Unit commendation. Mr. Ott made the decision to leave the military shortly after this tour.

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David Ott
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