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An Unbelievable Sight

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An Unbelievable Sight

We heard that when Egyptians had children they prefer to have a girl where they wouldn’t be called into national service and if it was a boy they’d gouge his eye out or cut part of his hand off so he wouldn’t have to go into the service. We heard that from Egyptians, like you know, that live there. So and we noticed a fair amount of people like that. In Gaza City one time I seen this woman walking down the street, she’s probably 35 or 40 year old, a veil a cross her face and everything else and full dress and all of that and both her feet had been cut off here. Apparently what she had done, she had stole four or five or six years earlier, stole something and she was running away. So they cut her feet off and she had shoes like almost like horse shoes, and strapped around on top and tied it and she was hobbling down the road like a horse walking, because she had ran. Another one had stole something and they got caught in the act and they cut her hand off at her wrist. That’s what they did to their people, apparently. We’ve heard stories but I seen this one woman like I say with these, looked like horse feet, you know, no toes.

Mr. Perry describes the sight of a woman whose feet have been cut off for dishonouring her people.

John Perry

Mr. John Perry was born October 30, 1936 in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. He came from a large family of nine children. During his teen years, he worked on fishing boats and local farms as a labourer and at age 17 decided to travel to Halifax to join the army. He accepted training in Camp Borden and spent two years in Manitoba. Too young to join the Korean War, Mr. Perry became part of the United Nations Emergency Force where he travelled to Egypt and worked in the motor transport area as a motor transport driver. After military service, Mr. Perry used his knowledge in motor transport and held various positions with the motor vehicle branch of provincial government. With 38 years service, Mr. Perry retired and settled with this family in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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John Perry
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