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Low level bombing instruction

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Low level bombing instruction

The Americans had sent over a flight of fourteen Liberators which were a beautiful airplane except they didn't have any armament in the front. It took the Japanese zeros about two passes to realize that there was no armor in front so they shot them all down in one. And so the Americans said, “Okay we should be trying to fly under this stuff.” So they said, “Does anyone have experience in low level bombing?” “I do!” And we showed them about low level bombing which in the area is that high. None of this fifty feet stuff. The most accurate is low level when you're down here you can't miss and you got about eleven seconds to get the hell out of the way. We had one guy when we were in, first in Burma, there was a.... Japs were pushing pretty well and this air vice marshall offered my pilot a VC, posthumus VC if he would bomb a bridge instantaneous. My pilot told him to go to hell because I would have gone too.

Mr. Campbell describes volunteering to teach American pilots low-level flying after a US Liberator squadron is decimated by the Japanese air force. He then describes his pilot being offered a Victoria Cross in exchange for his (and his crew's) life.

William Campbell

William Campbell was born on March 14, 1920 in Almont, Ontario. His father was a First World War veteran, and his brother had enlisted when World War Two broke out. Mr. Campbell enlisted in the Haldeman Rifles, but after not being called up he switched to the Air Force. After training in Canada, he went to England and joined a Blenheim crew. Mr. Campbell was deployed to Middle East Command, where he took part in successful bombing raids against Rommel's fuel and ammunition stores. He was then sent to the Far East to participate in the bombing runs to Burma and China. Mr. Campbell was fortunate to survive a crash landing after an engine failure. While still stationed in India he also instructed American pilots in low-level bombing techniques.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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William Campbell
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Second World War
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159 Squadron

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