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Why Tanzania?

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They signed a contract with the Tanzanian government, the Canadian government did, to train the Tanzanian military. The Tanzanian People's Defence Force is what they called it so with External Affairs they took all kinds of mechanics, clerks, infantry, all trainers that could go over there and teach the people our methods of doing things, and I happened to be one on the second tour. It was a five year, it was supposed to be a ong term bit but it only lasted five years and I was on the second tour. Between the officers, the senior NCO's and the junior ranks there was around one hundred people that was over there. I can't remember the name of what they called us there, we had a very special acronym for that, for the group but there was at least one hundred and they were from officer style. There was pilots we had teaching them how to fly and the Tanzanian pilots in training came to Borden and took lessons up there also and then come back over and finished their training in Tanzania.

Mr. Kish shares his opinion as to the purpose of the Canadian Military being in Tanzania

Erl Kish

Mr. Erl Kish was born January 3, 1935 in Inverary, Ontario. Coming from a military family, with a grandfather in WWI and an uncle in WWII, Mr. Kish always felt the desire to join the military and made the decision to join the army first with the Royal Canadian Service Corp. In 1963, he took on the trade of mechanic and amalgamated with the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers. After several tours and 30 years service, Mr. Kish held the rank of Sergeant until his retirement as Chief Warrant Officer. Returning to civilian life, Mr. Kish remained a mechanic until retirement. Mr. Kish joined the Legion and remains a proud member.

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