Arresting A 'Friendly' Intruder

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Arresting A 'Friendly' Intruder

I was out and they give me a companion. They was gonna put a light out for that night and this is in daytime, went out and we was walking along and I had, I had what's his name ahead of me and I heard somebody walking behind me, footsteps, so I jumped into a little place off the trench and I got out of sight there, it's kind of cut in like this and I got kind of out of sight. But when he went back, I came out behind him and when I got up close to him again I kept on right close to him until we got to where my other fellow, my fellow was and he had the rifle, he had the rifle stuck up on to him, so I came up behind him, reached around him, I put my finger in his back like that and I went behind him and I took his revolver out. This was a brigade fellow, 5th Brigade, I didn't know him from Adam. The only thing is he was dressed up in a 5th Brigade outfit but he couldn't tell that because maybe he was German with a 5th Brigade uniform on. Anyway, anyway I got him that way and I sent him back with my chum, sent him back. Right from this day I never heard no more about that, not a thing because it was 5th Brigade fellow, you see, but if it would have been a German??

Mr. McLeod describes being on patrol with his partner and being stalked by an intruder. He hides and then sneaks up behind and captures the stalker who may have been a German dressed in British kit. The intruder turns out to be a member of British 5th Brigade.

Russell McLeod

Russell McLeod was born on October 9, 1899 in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. His father was a fisherman, and prior to his enlistment, they fished together. Mr. McLeod joined the 219th Battalion in 1916 and trained at Camp Aldershot, Nova Scotia. He was sent overseas that fall, and joined the 25th Battalion in France. He served during Canada's 'Last Hundred Days', seeing action at the Hindenburg Line, Cambrai and Mons. After the armistice, he served as a member of the Occupation Army in Germany.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Russell McLeod
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First World War

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