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Parachute a Pretty Reliable System

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Parachute a Pretty Reliable System

The most dangerous part about sky diving is driving to the airport because in sky diving you pack your own chutes, so you know and you're taught how to pack them, of course. It's a system under physics if everything worked, it works according to physics. You put a break out here and it catches the air and pulls your parachute out so it's pretty reliable. If you can get your parachute out in the air stream you're going to have a parachute open above you and if that doesn't work you've always got another one. You just cut the first one away and open the second one. But no, I have never had any really - I've had some interesting jumps but never anything that was life threatening. It's funny because I am scared of heights. I mean, you put me up on a roof of a house and I'm scared because if I fall off I only have time to scream before I hit the deck but a parachute, you're crawling out of an airplane, hanging out of the outside of an airplane doesn't bother me a bit. I know if I fall off I've got a parachute so it's a pretty reliable system.

Mr. Batt speaks about his experiences with parachute jumps.

Gordon Batt

Mr. Gordon Batt was born November 25, 1945 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. After finishing high school, Mr. Batt enrolled in the air cadets and decided to join active service with the Air Force as a result of his love of flying. He spent a great deal of his military career in Canada, but spent time overseas in France with ground crew operations as an armament systems technician and participated in operations with the CF104, Hercules and Argus aircraft. Mr. Batt participated in a fascinating sport as a sky diver performing with the Sky Hawks in several air shows in conjunction with military service and held rank as a qualified parachutist. This love for sky diving is one of his most memorable accomplishments. After his decision to leave the military, Mr. Batt opened his own retail business and eventually sold that and accepted a position as commissionaire in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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Gordon Batt
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Canadian Armed Forces
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