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Attacked by Friendlies

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Attacked by Friendlies

Well the Americans, they had fighter planes there and they'd come out and attack me. I, somebody yelled over the radio, “Spitfires, you're being attacked by the Americans.” I took action to get away from them, but when I got back to base this Wing Commander Gleed was waiting for me and also the general from the American Air Force. Their aerodrome was quite close and he says, “Where is the pilot that the Americans were shooting at?” And I said, “It was me.” They said, “Did you shoot back?” and I said, “No.” “Well,” he says, “the next time they start shooting at you, shoot back at them.” So the American general went back, and they were very upset because we'd already lost about, I think it was two people, two of our pilots shot down and killed and another one that was able to force land so we didn't get a very good reception from the Americans.

Mr. Wilson describes being attacked by American fighters, evading their fire without engaging, and being advised by his commander to fire back if it happened again.

Gordon Wilson

Gordon Wilson was born on December 5, 1917 in Limerick, Saskatchewan. The Royal Canadian Air Force was no longer accepting recruits when he enlisted so he joined the Royal Regina Rifles. Six months later, Mr. Wilson joined the Royal Canadian Air Force at Brandon, Manitoba. His first wartime deployment saw him serving in North Africa near El Alamein, where he initially flew Hurricanes in a Royal Air Force squadron. He later piloted Spitfire 9’s in Sicily, Italy and the Middle East. After the war, Mr. Wilson completed a university degree and became a museum curator.

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Gordon Wilson
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Second World War
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