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Canada Remembers Times

The 2023 Canada Remembers Times includes stories about Canada’s efforts in the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, and in post-war Canadian Armed Forces efforts. Using a newspaper format, the Canada Remembers Times is designed to:

  • share the experiences of Veterans who live in our communities;
  • engage youth in learning about Canada’s military history and heritage; and
  • encourage youth to participate in and share the importance of remembrance.

The paper also helps introduce and enhance students’ understandings of the concepts of war, peace and remembrance. Please invite youth to take a newspaper home and to share it with their families and friends.

These materials are designed to complement your curriculum and are not intended as comprehensive resources on Canada’s military history. Many excellent history texts are available from a number of Canadian authors.

Additional learning resources that you may wish to access are found in the "Classroom Materials" section of the Web site.

Learning Objectives

Canada Remembers TimesAfter reading the newspaper and exploring the related activities, students should be able to:

  • build on their understanding of Canada’s military history and the concept of remembrance;
  • connect historical events and stories of yesterday to things they are exposed to today;
  • express what different remembrance-related themes and topics mean to them;
  • share their feelings and knowledge with their classmates, friends and family; and
  • develop a better understanding of and appreciation for the contributions of Canada’s Veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members towards the free and democratic country we live in today.

We welcome your comments and encourage your input. We strive to ensure that our materials are appropriate for your classroom or other educational settings. Please complete the on-line evaluation form to help us improve these resources.

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