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'Exploring the Newspaper' Activity

The 2021 Canada Remembers Times contains stories ranging from the First World War of 1914-1918 to the War in Afghanistan at the beginning of the 21st century. As a way to introduce readers to the wide variety of stories in the newspaper, the teacher could distribute the papers and ask participants to find one interesting fact on each page and record what war or peace support operation it is from, what happened and why it interested them. Once complete, the teacher could then debrief the class with each youth sharing what they learned, allowing the class to gain a good overview of the content from one another. Alternately, a similar activity could be done where youth find three interesting stories to share—one from the First World War or earlier, one from the Second World War, and one from the Korean War or a more-recent Canadian peace support effort.

Another activity is to do a 'newspaper quest' where students must find the answers to the questions below by exploring the pages of the Canada Remembers Times. Once the students have answered the questions, the teacher could then run through the answers as a group, using it as an opportunity to explore the existing student knowledge.

‘Newspaper Quest’ Questions and Answers

Page one

  1. In what year did the first large-scale United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission begin?
    The first large-scale United Nations peacekeeping mission began in 1956 during the Suez Crisis.

  2. On what day of the year were Canadian soldiers forced to surrender to the Japanese in 1941?
    Canadians were forced to surrender to the Japanese on Christmas Day, 25 December 1941, during the Battle of Hong Kong.

  3. What rare honour did a Canadian battalion receive for its brave efforts during the Korean War?
    The 2nd Battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry received the United States Presidential Unit Citation for their brave actions during the Battle of Kapyong.

  4. What Middle Eastern country was invaded by Iraq in 1990?
    Iraq invaded the country of Kuwait in 1990.

  5. Near which French village did the Newfoundland Regiment suffer heavy losses on 1 July 1916 during the First World War?
    Hundreds of members of the Newfoundland Regiment were killed or wounded near the French village of Beaumont-Hamel.

Page two

  1. Where in Canada was the No. 2 Construction Battalion formed?
    The No. 2 Construction Battalion was formed in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

  2. When do we recognize National Peacekeepers’ Day in Canada?
    Canadians recognize August 9 as National Peacekeepers’ Day.

  3. How many Canadian Armed Forces members died during Canada’s mission in Afghanistan?
    Some 158 Canadian Armed Forces members lost their lives during Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

  4. What does “IED” stand for?
    Often used to attack Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, “IED” stands for “improvised explosive device” (sometimes also called roadside bombs).

  5. How did Dr. Trevor Jain, an important medical leader helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Prince Edward Island, earn the Meritorious Service Medal?
    Dr. Jain earned the Meritorious Service Medal for his brave contributions during the Swiss Air disaster off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1998.

Page three

  1. Chief Warrant Officer Claude Cromwell helped his fellow Canadians by serving in military operations during which two natural disasters in our country?
    CWO Cromwell was part of the Canadian Armed Forces response during the devastating 1998 ice storm in Eastern Canada and the 2003 forest fires in British Columbia.  

  2. In what country was a new memorial established in 2021 to honour the efforts of the Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War?
    Another memorial was added to the “Caribou Trail” in Turkey in 2021.

  3. What is the highest award for courage that a Canadian soldier can receive?
    The Victoria Cross is the highest award for courage that a Canadian soldier can receive (last awarded during the Second World War).

  4. During which First World War battle did John Shiwak sadly lose his life?
    John Shiwak died during the Battle of Cambrai.

  5. In what year did the Canadian Armed Forces formally reverse unfair rules for its members who belong to the LGBTQ2+ community?
    In 1992, the Canadian military officially ended unfair rules towards the LGBTQ2+ community.

Page four

  1. What military role did Ted Zuber fill during the Korean War?
    Ted Zuber was a sniper during the Korean War.

  2. How did the Germans try to keep some prisoners of war from being liberated at the end of the Second World War?
    The Germans forced some prisoners of war to walk long “death marches” away from the advancing Allied forces, causing many to die of exhaustion.

  3. In what country was a “Canada Club” established for our soldiers during the Second World War?
    The Canada Club was established in the Netherlands (Holland) during the closing months of the Second World War.

  4. In what Canadian city can you see special remembrance street banners?
    Remembrance banners can be seen along the streets of our nation’s capital, Ottawa.

  5. How did Gilles Lamontagne lift the spirits of his fellow prisoners of war?
    Gilles Lamontagne taught French to his fellow prisoners of war to try to boost morale. 

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