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'Exploring the Newspaper' Activity

The 2022 Canada Remembers Times contains stories ranging from the First World War of 1914-1918 to the War in Afghanistan at the beginning of the 21st century. As a way to introduce readers to the wide variety of stories in the newspaper, the teacher could distribute the papers and ask participants to find one interesting fact on each page and record what war or peace support operation it is from, what happened and why it interested them. Once complete, the teacher could then debrief the class with each youth sharing what they learned, allowing the class to gain a good overview of the content from one another. Alternately, a similar activity could be done where youth find three interesting stories to share—one from the First World War or earlier, one from the Second World War, and one from the Korean War or a more-recent Canadian peace support effort.

Another activity is to do a 'newspaper quest' where students must find the answers to the questions below by exploring the pages of the Canada Remembers Times. Once the students have answered the questions, the teacher could then run through the answers as a group, using it as an opportunity to explore the existing student knowledge.

‘Newspaper Quest’ Questions and Answers

Page one

  1. How many Canadian peacekeepers lost their lives in the Balkans?
    23 Canadians
  2. In what country did the Battle of Vimy Ridge take place?
  3. In which war did Canadian soldiers fight at Hill 355?
    Korean War
  4. On what date did Canadians take part in the Dieppe Raid?
    19 August 1942
  5. What three provinces requested military aid after the 1998 Ice Storm?
    Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick

Page two

  1. What is the name of the dividing line that runs across Cyprus?
    The Green line
  2. What special Canadian military unit helps keep watch in the North?
    The Rangers
  3. In what European countries did many Canadians serve during the Cold War?
    France, Germany
  4. How many bombing missions over occupied Europe did Doug Sam fly?
    28 missions
  5. What river in Manitoba saw heavy flooding in the spring of 1997?
    The Red River

Page three

  1. Who was the first Black Canadian to receive the Victoria Cross?
    William Hall
  2. When was the ferry SS Caribou sunk during the Second World War?
  3. What was the nickname for the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service?
  4. How many planes did Billy Barker shoot down during the First World War?
  5. How many statues are found on our national peacekeeping monument?

Page four

  1. What is the name of the boat owned by Jean-Marc Perreault?
    “La Petite Calypso”
  2. Name of a Canadian Armed Forces medic who died in Afghanistan in 2008.
    Private Colin Wilmot
  3. Name of a 15-year-old soldier listed on the Canadian National Vimy Memorial.
    Private Robert Batey
  4. What trophy is awarded to Canada’s top junior hockey team?
    The Memorial Cup
  5. What special name is given to a stretch of Highway 401 in Eastern Ontario?
    The Highway of Heroes
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