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Remembrance Sport Tournament

Sports and the military have a long history. As an introduction, you could have students read stories that talk about the connection between military and sports, such as Sam Jacks or Steve Daniel, or consult our Fire and ice - Hockey and the Canadian military or Olympic and Paralympic Games military connection web sections. You may also want to go to the Heroes Remember database of Veterans’ interviews and search for “Invictus Games”.

You could organize a fun sport tournament within your school. Call it the "Canada Remembers Friendship Tournament". Invite local Veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members to attend and have them participate in the opening ceremonies or even play. You could name your teams in honour of the guests. Create your own Memorial Trophy and repeat the event annually. Don’t forget to invite local media and spread the word! You could create a video montage of the highlights and post it on on Canada Remembers social media. Get everyone involved and go for the gold!

A popular way to “actively” engage your community in remembrance is to organize an Alex Decoteau Remembrance Run, Walk or Wheel. Help show that Canada remembers!

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