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Tales of Animals in War

The Tales of Animals in War 2023 stories highlight the 75th anniversary of United Nations peacekeeping.

Take Time to Remember is an introduction to Tales of Animals in War.

Every year since 2006, six animal characters from the Remembrance Clubhouse have presented a fresh edition of Tales of Animals in War, to introduce young readers to the concept of remembrance in a non-threatening manner.

Learning Objectives

The purpose of Tales of Animals in War, and the focus on animals, is for youth to examine the history and stories of animals in war and during peace support missions. Animals have served in battle, saved lives, pulled ambulances, hauled heavy weapons, delivered messages, sniffed out bombs and were loyal friends. The animals’ stories demonstrate not only their service for us, our peace, and our freedom, but also highlight the important and continuing partnership between humans and animals.

After having used the newspaper students should:

  • develop knowledge about the various roles taken on by animals during times of war, conflict, and peace;
  • begin to understand the concepts of remembrance and citizenship;
  • begin to develop attitudes about the way they think or feel about those who have served and/or have been affected by war, eg. empathy, pride, respect;
  • become active in remembrance activities at home, at school, and in the community; and
  • improve their reading, listening, and writing skills.

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