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“Scavenger Hunt” Activity

Prior to Remembrance Day, engage in a discussion with your class about Remembrance Day and the various signs and symbols of remembrance they will see in their community over the coming days. You might discuss important symbols of remembrance such as the poppy, wreaths, cenotaphs, etc. As an extracurricular activity, you could ask your students to conduct a scavenger hunt for symbols and signs of remembrance that may be found within their homes, neighbourhoods, and community. They might talk to their parents, grandparents, other relatives or family friends in their search for remembrance symbols.

Ask each student to bring an item to school and be prepared to share with the class why their item is considered to be a symbol of remembrance. If the item has any special significance to the student, they can also share its importance with their classmates. Items the students might bring in could include a poppy, a book on remembrance, a photograph or letter, a picture or painting, a lapel pin, a medal, a postcard, a book or poem, a military hat or piece of period clothing, or a personal memento. You could create a display to showcase the students’ collection of signs and symbols of remembrance.

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